Privacy Policy

Inquisitor specializes in providing custom-tailored billing, invoicing, and payroll software development services to meet the unique needs of business clients. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering, and we maintain the highest in-house quality standards, adhering to the latest norms and practices for smart software products in inventory, invoicing, and payroll management globally.

While ensuring meticulous care during the software design and development process, Inquisitor also adopts robust customer service mechanisms. Our products and services are offered as comprehensive packages to individual clients, supported by a well-defined privacy policy.

This privacy policy, as outlined and explained by our management, is binding on all customers. The policy and its clauses conform to Indian laws, including relevant penal codes and judicial pronouncements from courts and legislative commissions.

The primary goal of this Privacy Policy is to ensure the privacy of every client's details. We are committed to maintaining client privacy and preventing any misuse of information by our HR department or through policy changes.

The privacy policy is signed at the inception by both the client and authorized representatives of the Company, as specified in the Company Charter.

The policy outlines the responsibilities of both the Company and the client in maintaining the privacy of client details, information, and data received through registered channels agreed upon in the customer accord.

Our privacy policy guarantees complete protection of client information, including financial accounts and passwords provided to registered users.

Inquisitor pledges to destroy all personal and financial details of the client after the termination of the service agreement. However, we retain the rights to use our design and development cores for refinement and secure re-use as intellectual property.

The Company has invested in security protocols, firewalls, password mechanisms, and encryption systems to ensure the safety of client information. Regular safety audits and tech upgrades are conducted to maintain utmost privacy.

The Company has invested in the maintenance of security protocols, firewalls, passwords mechanisms and other smart encryption systems to guarantee the safety of client information and data. The Company also adopts safety audits and tech upgrades from time to time to ensure utmost privacy.

Inquisitor welcomes client recommendations for developing custom-tailored data safety and privacy mechanisms. Our engineers collaborate with clients to design and enforce customized protocols for enhanced privacy.

The Company is not responsible for data leaks or laundering caused deliberately by the client, whether through marketing policies or other corrupt practices.

The Company is not liable for any data theft resulting from sabotage, corruption, use of unauthorized software/hardware, or other unethical means.

Our privacy policy is a legal document binding the Company and the client under Indian laws, including the IT Act and regulations.

All disputes are subject to discretion of Delhi High Court of Judicature at Delhi with further appeals permissible at the appropriate higher courts, tribunals culminating at the Honorable Supreme Court in India. The Company under no means accepts the jurisdictions of the foreign territory laws (of the client).

The Company does not recognize the jurisdiction of foreign laws applicable to the client.

While this privacy policy is comprehensive, it is not exhaustive. Rational inferences can be drawn from its stipulations.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our software products and services meet the highest quality standards, conforming to global best practices for inventory, invoicing, and payroll management.

Inquisitor continually invests in technology and process improvements to enhance the security and privacy of client data, ensuring our practices remain at the forefront of industry standards.

This privacy policy ensures that Inquisitor and its clients have a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities, fostering a secure and trustworthy relationship.