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Advanced Cloud Based HRMS Application


For the past two decades, we have been committed to providing HRMS (Human Resource Management System) solutions to a wide spectrum of businesses, encompassing multinational corporations, export houses, and service sector enterprises.

Our HRMS Application is a comprehensive tool designed to facilitate various critical functions, including: Online Face Recognition Attendance System : We offer an advanced attendance management system with state-of-the-art online face recognition capabilities.

This technology ensures accurate and secure attendance tracking for employees.

Payroll Management System : Our HRMS Application includes a robust payroll management system, streamlining the complex process of compensating employees while adhering to tax and compliance requirements.

ESS - Employee Self Service : With our ESS module, employees can take greater control of their HR-related tasks and information. This empowers them to access their own data, submit requests, and manage personal details, reducing administrative overhead.

Desktop Online Face Recognition Attendance System

Online Face Recognition Attendance System

Effortlessly oversee the attendance of your entire workforce with our advanced Face Recognition system, a smart attendance solution utilising cutting-edge technology.

Mobile Attendance App With Face Recognition

Mobile Attendance App

You can now precisely track the whereabouts of your employees using the INQHRM mobile app. Our system offers a three-factor authentication security protocol involving Punch, Selfie, and Location verification.

The Features

ESS - Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service

Empower your employees with our web-based ESS module, enabling them to manage HR tasks seamlessly, including leave requests, advance or loan applications, access to the Employee Helpdesk, viewing timesheets, and marking attendance.

Attendence System

Attendance System

Employees can conveniently utilise their mobile devices or desktops, taking advantage of the cutting-edge face recognition technology integrated into our system. Additionally, traditional attendance machines contribute to the data pool, ensuring a comprehensive and accurate representation of workforce attendance.



Our web application facilitates the management of employees across multiple locations. Organizations can create an unlimited number of locations and add their respective employees. Additionally, you have the flexibility to designate a Reporting To or Head of Department (HOD) for each employee, providing effective location-based management.

Leave Managment

Leave Management

Effective leave management constitutes a vital element within human resource management, encompassing the organized handling and monitoring of employee absences from the workplace. The system facilitates the creation of leave policies tailored to your organization, with all pertinent rules encapsulated in a comprehensive Leave Master managed through a unified master screen. This streamlined process empowers employees to request leave and secure approvals from their respective Head of Department (H.O.D).

Advance and Loan Management

Advance and Loan Management

Using their ESS login, employees can submit requests for advances and loans. The system adeptly handles and organizes all details related to advances and loans, presenting comprehensive information in a ledger format. Additionally, the system performs automatic monthly calculations, seamlessly incorporating the deducted amounts into the monthly Advance/Loan sheet.

Salary Related Reports

Salary Related Reports

The payroll system comprises essential components such as the Salary Register, capturing comprehensive data on employee compensation; the Salary Slip, providing a detailed breakdown of earnings and deductions for each employee; the Deduction Report, summarising the various deductions made; Arrears Calculation, addressing any pending payments; the Allowance Breakdown, outlining the specifics of additional compensation components; and the Cost-to-Company (CTC) Statement, offering a holistic view of the overall compensation package. Together, these elements form a robust framework for managing and communicating the financial aspects of employee remuneration within an organisation.

Personal File Management

Personal File Managment

An HR personal file is a comprehensive record containing essential information about an employee. It includes personal details, job application documents, offer letters, identification, performance reviews, salary information, tax forms, benefit enrollment, leave records, disciplinary and termination documents, training records, and more. Maintaining organised and confidential HR personal files is crucial for legal compliance and effective human resource management.



ESS Helpdesk is a dedicated support service designed to assist and address inquiries related to Employee. Helpdesk system Design for HR Department to providing timely and effective solutions to ensure a seamless experience for Employee.

Customise Letters

Customise Letters

The HR Department has a requirement of printing multiple documents as a requirement. Custom letter help to create and manage letter those are not cover or present in our system.

Statutory Management

Statutory Management

Explore all government filings associated with the HR Department, encompassing online returns for PF and ESI, monthly and quarterly Welfare returns, state-specific professional tax calculation features, and diverse income tax return formats.

  • Mobile Attendance
  • Face Attendance
  • Link With Machine
  • Raw Punches
  • Monthly Reports
  • Yearly Reports
  • Manual Punches
  • Manage Shift
  • Manage Late coming
  • Extra Day Calculation
  • Holiday (Location Wise)
  • Create Locations
  • Manage Leave
  • Issue Memos
  • Employee Data
  • Monthly Advice
  • Salary Reports
  • PF Reports
  • ESI Reports
  • Welfare Reports
  • Employee CTC
  • Full and Final
  • Manage Advance
  • Approval(HOD/ReportTo)
  • Personal File
  • Manage Arrears
  • Profession Tax
  • Manage Increment
  • Manage Transactions
  • Bonus Sheet
  • Custom Letter
  • Employee Help Desk
  • Mobile App
  • Broadcasting
  • Multi User
  • Audit Log For Activity
  • Employee Self Service
  • Manage Company Policy
  • Asset Management
  • Expense Management


We designed web applications for help to HRE to do HRM related work in very easy manner, user can generate salary by attendance module or by entering manual attendance in payroll software, that help user to manage system easily.

By joining the system user can manage complete personal file. User can even generate File front page and temp. employee I-Card and more.

We provide all HR statutory Reports Related to (PF, ESI, Welfare, Professional Tax, Income Tax) are cover in our software


Automate your system will always help you to manage the work. Windows application are installed on your computer so that your reports and calculations are faster then web based software.



Mr. Shekhar Arora


We are extremely pleased with the exceptional service provided by Inquisitor. The innovative solutions and seamless integration have significantly enhanced our workflow. The dedicated support team's responsiveness and expertise make inqHrm, Inqerp and Inqpos an invaluable partner. Highly recommended for anyone seeking top-notch software solutions.

Capital Extrusion (INDIA)

Mr. Kunal Dhingra

“Head of Department”

Our experience with managing multiple sites has been exceptional. The system efficiently manages HR processes across locations, providing real-time insights and simplifying our workforce management. Its flexibility and scalability make it a valuable tool for any organization with a geographically dispersed team.

Safeway Insurance Tpa Private Limited

Mr. Ramesh Panday

“HR Head”

Exceptional HRMS Solution!
INQHRM has transformed our HR operations, providing a user-friendly interface, robust features, and invaluable automation. The scalability and responsive customer support make it a standout choice for any organization. Highly recommended!

Century Overseas

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