INQPOS - The Best 'Point of Sale' Software For Your Business!

INQPOS - The Best 'Point of Sale' Software For Your Business!

Inquisitor’s INQPOS has been developed as a flexible yet robust web-based application that allows the point of sale vendors to undertake streamlined operations without any hassles. The inbuilt functions of INQPOS have been designed in a manner to respond swiftly towards the real-time needs of the vendors who seek speed, reliability and customized assistance in billing, invoicing and associated records of it. Since it is a web-based application, it can be used dynamically across the locations and devices that are securely connected with it. Instead of basing one’s point of sale system on bulky apps and software, through INQPOS one can have very lean management through smart functions that can be easily programmed by the vendor as per his demand. Here are the salient features of INQPOS point of sale software India.


  • Easily generate customized bills & invoices


The clutter-free design of INQPOS ensures that bills and invoices are generated fast and without any discrepancies. This software application does not carry complex algorithms that hinder the operations through time consumption but only has the dedicated functions of automation to ensure that task is achieved at the click of the button. Moreover, these functions are open for customization by every vendor who can configure the same as per his company and sales counter requirements. These features also make INQPOS the leading point of sale software for small business.


  • Cloud-based management allows connecting with multiple desks anywhere!


INQPOS is a cloud-based application and does not warrant heavy hardware or OS support from your device. Moreover, it being cloud propelled allows the user to leverage its functions on multiple devices. Online cloud matrix that fuels INQPOS also makes possible the multi-location billing and invoicing tasks through one account. Thus INQPOS has revolutionized the way vendors manage their sales and billing desks. Less time is consumed through more automation and geographically distributed abilities. 


  • Comprehensive device compatibility 


INQPOS has been developed as a responsive web application that bears wider compatibility with a host of devices including PCs and other handheld gadgets that are popular in the market. This makes the B2C and B2B functions easy, simpler, connected and dynamic. Specific hardware and device requirements are negated with INQPOS!


  • Inbuilt MIS 


Automated development of your ledger in a custom mode is offered by INQPOS! This means that once you configure the app’s functions as per your POS desk then it begins to develop data in a programmed manner and you find multiple auto reports like at the end of the day, counter-wise sales, differentiated inventory sales, ledger details, and real-time ledger summoning and much more! INQPOS also connects your POS with customer database for intelligent reporting and analytics.


  • Programmed bills and receipts functions 


The bills, receipts & invoice generation can be also programmed with time intervals like for the B2B interface that you have with the business partners through forward and backward linkages. INQPOS is also the leading invoicing and billing software with GST and thus the vendors feel relieved due to the automatic GST calculations in a custom manner.